Advance Course in Dental Ceramics

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Advance Course in Dental Ceramics

Aim of the Coruse :

The growing dental awareness in public and increasing number of dentists, demands a quality and fast dental prosthesis from the dental lab. Several new techniques and materials have been introduced to improve the quality and decrease the processing time of the prosthesis.

CADET is committed to offer them high quality training in the latest technologies to meet the industries standards. CADET will motivate and guide them in their future career.

Topics Covered :

Part 1: Model preparation, die cutting, waxing procedures, tooth morphology, articulating principles, investing, casting and finishing procedures. 

Part 2: IPS Style metal ceramics layering and characterization & IPS e max All Ceramic

Course Schedule :
Course Fee:
  • 1,20,000/-
Dr. Poorani B.D.S.,
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